Optimize Home Appliances Logistics

Optimize Home Appliances Logistics

Regions: Our warehouses and distribution network in Vietnam
Main products: Home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, water dispensers, kettles, etc.)

We have built a nationwide logistics network that well supports our customers when it comes to bringing their products to Vietnamese consumers.
From Thailand and China, home appliances and air conditioners are imported to Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong ports.
In the northern region, from Hai Phong ports, we undertake drayage for products and take them to Ha Noi warehouse, where they are then distributed to customers in the northern provinces by truck.
In the southern region, we undertake drayage for these products and transport them to two main warehouses in Binh Duong and Thu Duc, which are not only in charge of delivery to customers in their areas, but also distribution to other warehouses.

Big trucks (8-ton and 10-ton trucks) are used for this, transferring required stock to provincial warehouses that are located in the strategic cities of Can Tho, Nha Trang and Da Nang. Each provincial warehouse serves its own market with a diverse array of small trucks (from 2-ton to 5-ton trucks).
* The Can Tho warehouse delivers to customers in the Mekong Delta area. * The Nha Trang warehouse delivers to the highland and coastal provinces. * The Da Nang warehouse delivers to the central northern provinces.

At Toshiba Logistics Vietnam, there are many improvement activities undertaken which serve to help customers cut down on their logistics costs, for example:
1- Optimization of warehousing spaces by changing stacking methods 2- Cutting down on pallet expenses through effective operation using clamp forklifts 3- Optimization of truck capacities by combining purchase orders and mixing categories. 4- Using cargo vans to make deliveries within city centers, which usually prohibit trucks from entering in the daytime We can provide great solutions for your business based on our knowledge and our nationwide logistics network.

Effective Bonded warehouse

Effective Bonded warehouse
Effective Bonded warehouse

Regions covered: From Vietnam to Japan
Main products handled: Industrial motors

When using a non-bonded warehouse, we have to wait for customs clearance before exporting industrial motors to Japan. We may not deliver motors immediately at the customer's request. Therefore, from the initial phase, we use a bonded warehouse to overcome the above issue, which brings us indisputable advantages:
* Products can be kept safe and secure because they are strictly monitored by CCTV throughout the day * Quick delivery to customers takes place to achieve just-in-time delivery * Warehouse costs are reduced through storage at bonded warehouse in Vietnam instead of storage in Japan

Enhance Container Round Use

Enhance Container Round Use

Service: Container Drayage
Regions covered: Between ports to warehouses/factories
Main products handled: Home appliances, Industrial motors, printing machines, and furniture

Normally, after a full container of products is unloaded at a warehouse, the empty container will be trucked to a container yard to be lifted off. When there is a request made by an export company, the empty container will be lifted onto a truck and transported there for the loading of cargo.
We do things differently by using containers for round trips. After unloading import cargo, the empty container will be trucked directly to the export company for the loading of cargo. This allows us to achieve outstanding advantages:
* Reduction of logistics costs, including for transportation and Lift-On/Lift-Off * Empty container shortages can be avoided by linking booking exports with imports * Waiting times are avoided by reducing round trips to ports * CO2 emissions are curbed due to mileage reductions

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